DeWayne (Doc) Johnson(non-registered)
Great work, Bart!
You bring the beauty of the outdoors into our sight, our feelings, our hearts -- and more
Terence Sutherland(non-registered)
After experiencing your excellent work, I viewed your photos as one who paints, concentrating on the element of composition. Painters and sculptors have absolute freedom of composition while photographers must make the most of what is in view, composing in the lens during the opportunity. I was looking for four criteria: mobility, tactility, illustration, and decoration.l To pick out just one photo in each geographical category was almost an impossible exercise, yet it is only a personal preference unique to the picker and not a reflection of any experience or skill on my part. In order to flag my picks, I made a simple statement within the opportunity for each photo, for what the exercise is worth.
Jim Hayes(non-registered)
Your productivity and the high caliber of your work seem the antithesis of Yu-Yu Jiteki's laid-back philosophy. But I'd suggest an exception in your case, old friend, because you've mastered the of making the difficult look easy. Keep on shooting, Bart!
Camille Everett(non-registered)
Very beautiful work, Bart! Nice job.
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